How we work together..

The time is now. Time to work on the things that are troubling you. Time to make the changes you want to see in your life. In a peaceful, semi-rural setting, we can work on the things that are holding you back and help you move forward. Time for you. Time to think..



No 'programmes', no pressure. Starting with a free 30 minute consultation, we agree how best to move forward. Many clients choose to start with around six sessions of focused support, often enough to see things differently and a powerful way to initiate change. Alternatively, we can work together on an open-ended basis and take a broader look at your concerns.


A coaching relationship tends to focus on moving forwards, setting goals and overcoming obstacles to change. This may be in relation to your career, working relationships or work/life balance. Coaching generally involves meeting less frequently, for longer sessions, with e-mail and phone support in between. Our initial free 30 minute consultation will enable us to shape the right approach for you.


A Bespoke Approach

All of my support is tailored to your needs, which will change with time. Often a combination of coaching and counselling suits best, and can be really effective in moving forward. This is something we can regularly monitor, review and flex accordingly.